Here are a few wish list items from the various Childline Regional Offices. If you are able to assist in any way, please contact that regional office directly by going to our Contact Us page.

We thank you for your consideration.

Childline National Office

  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Paper Towel Dispenser X 2
  • First Aid Kit
  • Reception Switchboard
  • Sanitizing Material for office – Fogging, Alcohol Based Sanatizer, Masks

Childline Free State (Bloemfontein)

  • Pasta / spaghetti
  • Maize meal
  • Flour
  • Cooking Oil
  • Tin food
  • Blankets

Childline Gauteng




















Childline KwaZulu Natal

  • Blinds for all offices
  • Offices Chairs x 10
  • Landscaping for all three of our offices (PMB included)
  • Toys for both our playrooms as well as PMB office
  • Anatomical Dolls for social workers
  • Pressure Cleaning of our Roofs and Paving
  • Cleaning of our Pool (163 Percy Osborne Road)
  • Murals for our PMB office
  • Microwave and Kettle for our PMB office

Childline Mpumalanga

Items below are required for distribution to children:

  • Food Parcels
  • Clothes for Children

Childline North West

The list comprises items needed that will be used in therapy sessions with children.
– Paint for our therapy room and child-friendly décor for our therapy office and waiting area for children
– Sweets/Lollies to be given to children at the end of a therapy session

• Play therapy books
• Dustbin
• Wipes
• Hand soap
• Towel
• Book case
• Storage bench
• Play table and chairs
• Child friendly carpet
• Sand tray for therapy
• Play kitchens and play food
• Pans, silverware
• Doctor kits and band-aids
• baby bottle, variety of puppets, animal families, cars,
• cash register,
• kitchen food
• Stove (wood)
• Truck, airplane, tractor,
• Chalkboard, chalk
• Rags or old towels
• Tinker toys
• Tissue
• Rubber Knife
• Dart gun
• Balls (large and small)
• Refrigerator (wood)
• Dishes (plastic
• Broom, dustpan
• Toy watch
• play cell phone,
• magic wand, dress-up clothes
• Dolls and Dollhouses
• Doll bed, clothes, etc

• Animals, Cars, Trucks, People
• Cash Register and Play Money
• Play Dough
• Musical Toys & Instruments
• Paint and paint brushes
• Colour paper
• Soccer balls
• Lego blocks/ or building blocks
• Balloons
• Colouring books
• Aggressive/Emotional Release
• Toy guns.
• Foam swords.
• Rubber knives.
• Rope.
• Soldiers.
• Aggressive puppets or figures (sharks, dinosaur, alligator, etc

• Expressive/Creative
• Art supplies
• Dress Up
• Therapeutic reading Books for children under 5

• Therapeutic reading Books for teens
• Art Supplies (Glue, glitter, confetti, paper, scissors, crayons, coloured sand, tape, Play Dough, wooden dowels, paper dolls, markers, pipe cleaners, fake gems, etc.) Jewellery Beads and jewellery,

Childline Western Cape

1. Gift packs for clients with following essentials: Toothbrushes, facecloths, soap and sanitary towels.
2. Crayons, colour pencils, water paints, paint brushes and play dough for therapeutic play.
3. Board games and puzzles for older children for building relationships.
4. Toy cars and trucks for boys’ play.
5. Fleece blankets to sit on in the play areas.
6. Rugs for the play areas.
7. 10 Laptops for Social Workers and Counsellors
8. 5 Desktop computers for Social Workers, Administrators and Counsellors.
9. Mini routers.
10. External hard drives.
11. Cell phones for counsellors at courts and on crisis line.
12. Desks and office chairs.
13. Couches for waiting and composure areas.
14. 2 Vacuum cleaners